Accident Reconstruction & Accident Investigation in Evansville, IN


Evansville Security Services is proud to announce two new services specifically for Indiana attorneys and insurance companies. With the addition of Andrew L. Clark to our staff, we now offer professional accident reconstruction and criminal investigations to our list of services.

Andy is recently retired with 34 years of service from the Indiana State Police and served our country in the United States Marine Corps specializing in criminal investigations.  Working as a private investigator for Evansville Security Services he is now free to expand his assistance in criminal as well as civil cases, including those investigated by the Indiana State Police.

Based out of Evansville, he has provided accident reconstruction assistance to local attorneys in civil matters for over 20 years.  Highly trained and respected in the field of crash reconstruction, he has testified in Travis County Texas, 14 Indiana courts, and has been qualified as an expert 34 times.  A complete curriculum vitae is available upon request.

Crash investigations offered include but are not limited to:

  • Speed determination
  • Drivers’ actions
  • Identification of the driver
  • Reaction times
  • Cause analysis
  • Scale diagrams
  • Interviews of drivers and witnesses
  • Analysis of Event Data Recorders (The so-called “black box”)
  • Analysis of drivers’ tactics and strategy 
  • Obstructions of visibility

If you are in need of crash reconstruction services or criminal investigations, please feel free to contact our main office.

We are excited about his addition to our staff and we look forward to serving your needs.



License #  SG20700102
License #  PI21400029 


Accident Investigations